How to run my node.js project on android?

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I have a working php server on my android tablet, so I hope it’s available somehow to run nodejs also. The source code is available on github, and it can be build on linux also, but I can’t really understand, how to build it.

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Solution 1

The instructions for a build are missing from the website:

  1. Download it:


  2. Unpack it:

    tar xzf node-v0.8.1.tar.gz

  3. Go to the unpacked folder:

    cd node-v0.8.1/

  4. Run

    ./configure && make && sudo make install

You might need to install some dependencies like g++ or build-essential, curl and libssl-dev first.

There is also a packaged Android port but it doesn’t seem to be actively mantained.

edit: apparently you need to modify some build options according to your device. A google search for “node android” + your model should give you more details. Here are they for the G1 and Galaxy S:

Solution 2

As of Sep 2015 there are Node.js 4.x distributions for ARM from

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