Passing and ArrayList<Service> through intent

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I have a class called Service, which is used to create Service objects using this constructor

public Service(int id, String service_name, String service_code) { = id;
    this.service_name = service_name;
    this.service_code = service_code;

then I create a list call service list as with the following signature

List<Service> serviceList = new ArrayList<Service>

I have try to pass this ArrayList through Intent Object like this

Intent i = new Intent(Classname.this, anotherClass.class);

But it fails. What is the way I pass through intent with ArrayList object.

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Solution 1

Your custom class has to implement Parcelable or Serializable in order to serialize/de-serialize within an Intent.

Your class Service has to look like this for example (used a generator

public class Service implements Parcelable {
private int id;
private String service_name;
private String service_code;
public Service(int id, String service_name, String service_code) { = id;
this.service_name = service_name;
this.service_code = service_code;

protected Service(Parcel in) {
    id = in.readInt();
    service_name = in.readString();
    service_code = in.readString();

public int describeContents() {
    return 0;

public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {

public static final Parcelable.Creator<Service> CREATOR = new Parcelable.Creator<Service>() {
    public Service createFromParcel(Parcel in) {
        return new Service(in);

    public Service[] newArray(int size) {
        return new Service[size];


Then you can use getIntent().getParcelableArrayListExtra() with casting

ArrayList<Service> serviceList= intent.<Service>getParcelableArrayList("list"));

For sending you use it like this

intent.putParcelableArrayListExtra("list", yourServiceArrayList);

Note that the yourServiceArrayList should be an ArrayList

if it is List the you can pass through

intent.putParcelableArrayListExtra("list", (ArrayList<? extends Parcelable>) yourServiceArrayList);

Solution 2

You can use parcelable interface for ‘Service’ class, and send object through

intent using ‘putParcelableArrayListExtra’ method and to retrive data you can use


For your reference
refer this link

Solution 3

Implement object class with Serializable .

class abc implements Serializable{
//your code

then try this code

ArrayList<abc> fileList = new ArrayList<abc>();
Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, secondActivity.class);

and on other side receive intent like

your arraylist objact=intent.getSerializableExtra(String name)

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