This Android SDK requires ADT version 23.0.0 or above. Current version is 22.6. Please update ADT to the latest version?

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I downloaded and installed Eclipse ADT with android SDK for windows from this website Developer.Android. When I try to Create AVD Device am getting error that Location of Android SDK has not been setup in Preferences. I open Preferences from Windowsmenu bar and then i try to set SDK Location but it showing error This Android SDK requires ADT version 23.0.0 or above. Current version is 22.6. Please update ADT to the latest version. How to update it ? help me to create android project.

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Solution 1

You can also update the ADT plugin

  1. Select Help > Install New Software
  2. Work with: p2repo -
  3. Select Developer Tools and Next
  4. Next, Accept the license agreement* and Finish

Solution 2

You can re-install them as follows:

Goto: Help–> About Eclipse SDK–> Installation Details.
select the plugins you want to uninstall

install them as:
Goto: Help–> Install new software


select the plugins to install.

Solution 3

You have to update Your ADT Plugin. I everytime do it as administrator:

  1. Select Help > Check for Updates.
  2. In the resulting Available
    Updates dialog, locate the Android DDMS and Android Development
    Tools features in the list and ensure that the checkboxes next to
    them are selected. Click Next.

  3. In the Update Details dialog, click Next.

  4. Read and accept the license agreement and then click Finish. This will
    download and install the latest version of Android DDMS and
    Android Development Tools.

  5. Restart Eclipse.

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